Dec 31 2014

Ring in the new year and enjoy live music, street performances and fireworks at one of the city's biggest events! The event will be broken up with a children's celebration from 7-9 pm and an adult's celebration from 9:30 pm - 1 am. For more information go to: NEW SERVICE! Pre-paid valet parking services will be available for New Year’s Eve in the Square. The valet stand will be located in front of the AT&T storefront on Texas Drive. Pre-paid printed valet vouchers are required to park your car via the valet service the night of the event and will be scanned upon your arrival.

  • Date: 12/31/2014
  • Fee: $40
  • Time: 5 pm- 2 am*
  • Don’t miss your dinner reservations! Free pedicab ride to your restaurant or Square destination upon arrival
  • Please click here to purchase your valet ticket.
Online pre-paid tickets are available for purchase through Tuesday, December 30th at 10 PM. There will be no valet purchase available the night of the event. Valet accommodations for Tierra Del Fuego, Perry’s and Marriott overnight guests are located adjacent to their entries on Town Square Place – please follow directional signage. *Valet guests who will be retrieving their vehicle past 2 am are directed to pick their keys up from the Marriott valet stand at 16090 City Walk

Events are located in the Plaza at 2711 Town Center Blvd, please click here for map.

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